Corporate Gifts

Corporate Gift Idea

As a business, we know how important our employees and clients are. We also know how important it is to make our employees or clients feel appreciated. At FingArtPrint, we offer businesses Corporate Gift packages.

Instead of giving your employees or clients a bottle of wine or a gift certificate that will never be used, give them a product from FingArtPrint. Our products are perfect gift ideas because they are truly unique and original. These elegant and modern pieces of art will look magnificent hanging on a wall in the office or at home. These timeless pieces will be loved by each and every one of your employees or clients.

Through our packages, we offer bulk discounts on large quantity orders. With the purchase of 10 or more, we will offer discounted rates. For more information pertaining to our Corporate Gift packages, please contact us through email by filling the form below or by phone (888)-601-7730.

You can choose either to purchase individual Gift Cards to use towards our store or to purchase a set of the same product at a discounted rate!



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