1. What is FingArtPrint?

FingArtPrint is a company that transforms fingerprints, baby footprints and lip prints into art.

2. How does it work?

You buy a kit and within the kit there are simple instructions that you follow. You place your finger or foot on the ink strip and then you apply it to the sample. In terms of the lip print, you rub the lipstick – which is provided – on your lips and then onto the sample. You choose your options and then send the sample back to FingArtPrint.

3. Are there framing options?

FingArtPrint offers their customers a choice of four framing options: Canvas, Framed, Poster, and Plexi. Moreover, they offer differing sizing options for each product.

4. What if I want to frame it myself?

FingArtPrint offers a poster that you will be able to frame yourself.

5. Are there colour options?

FingArtPrint offers more than 20 colours to choose from but you can also request your own colours!

6. How long will it take to get the art piece?

Once you send back the sample to FingArtPrint, you will receive your art piece within a week if shipping to Canada, or within 2 weeks if you are shipping to the USA.

7. What if I do not add my print correctly to the sample sheet?

You can take a number of different samples of your prints. FingArtPrint will then choose the best one.

8. What if I make any mistakes?

You can always contact us to find the best solution.

9. Will I be able to upgrade after I send in the sample?

Yes. All you have to do is contact FingArtPrint either through calling or emailing them.

10. Is there a refund policy if I am not satisfied?

No refunds will be accepted, but FingArtPrint can allow exchanges or credit towards other products.

11. Do you ship outside of Canada?

Yes! We ship to the USA and Canada exclusively.

12. Where is FingArtPrint located?

It is a Canadian company based in Toronto. Moreover, the whole process is completed in Toronto.

13. What is the family print option?

You send back different prints of each family member and you receive a frame for each member.

14. Can you request different options for each frame?

Yes, you can have different colours and different options for each frame.

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