An individual’s fingerprint is miraculously unique. Therefore, creating an art piece entirely based off a fingerprint is the epitome of personalized art. At FingArtPrint, that is exactly what we offer. We transform your distinctive fingerprint into a piece of art that will hang proudly anywhere from your office to your bedroom. It is the perfect way to ‘personalize’ a room.

Purchasing a Fingerprint Kit is a great gift idea for any occasion. Just imagine purchasing a kit for your partner on your anniversary, and having both your fingerprints transformed into personalized art and hanging side-by-side in your home. We also offer a family package of Fingerprint Kits, which allows the whole family to transform their prints into their own personalized art pieces. This is a wonderful way of bringing the family closer together. Scan the additional options below, and imagine the possibilities.

  • Choose from three different framing options
  • Choose from a number of different sizing options
  • Choose from a number of custom colour combinations
  • Add your signature to your art piece
Fingerprint On A Poster

Starting at CA $129.00

Fingerprint On A Canvas

Starting at CA $179.00

Fingerprint On A Plexi

Starting at CA $199.00

Fingerprint On A Frame

Starting at CA $199.00